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Phue! It's been a long month, but it's finally official- we have our instructors! Here's the all-star list:

Dan "the Sexy Beast" Repsch
Jenny "Princess Sweet-n-saucy" Sowden
Michelle "Miss Slick Chick" Richter
Timothy "Mr. Charisma" O'Neill

This is going to be a killer weekend! Mix that in with SHR the following weekend and we got one lege... en... wait for it... dary week!!

Check out the Instructor Page for more info!


The gang are all working hard to bring you guys the best experience possible for this next TRB! Looks like we are closing in on our fist band for the weekend and it's going to be a doozy. Sorry though- we can't quite let the cat out of the bag just yet, but stay "tuned"! Ha- I slay me.


Well what do you know! We're big, bad sponsors for Enter the Blues! We've put two weekend passes on the line for a lucky couple to win! Woohoo! Who know that sponsorin' could be so much fun!

Better hurry- Feb 14th isn't that far away! This is Enter the Blues last year and it sure does look to be a KILLER event!!!


We at TRB just love Dan Repsch and Jenny Sowden! We lurve them so much that we decided to welcome them back for another round as our first set of instructors! Wha-wha-WHAT? That's right- we've got 'em booked again AND we're bringin' in another set of instructors to boot! Now if only we could legally clone them... :) Check out the Instructors and Private Lessons page to see more about them!

Stay tuned folks! We'll let ya know who the second set of instructors are as soon as we know!


Did we happen to tell you that we're going to be teaming up with Justin Riley for the Shakori Hills Recess that is the very next weekend after TRB? Did ya know that we're planning a crap load of fun activities that entire week between? Did we tell you about the 20% off SHR when you register for TRB? Boom!

Check out the Shakori Hills Recess webpage at:


Hey all! Welcome back to another year of sweet blues bliss, rad workshops, awesome instructors and fantastic bands. Did we happen to mention that we're teaming up with Justin Riley to have a Recess the very next weekend? Stay tuned for more info!

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