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Hello everyone! Getting excited about TRB but worried about were you're staying? Well, don't!!! Rest assured (unless you stay for latenight each night), housing assignments will go out tonight!

In other news... Since we still have some weekend passes available, we've decided to allow you guys to purchase one-day workshop/dance passes at the door for $45 each. The pass is only good for one day (workshop, evening and latenight dances are included). So if you were dying to go to TRB but could't make it the entire weekend, this deal is for you!

Last update for the day: Suppose you're running around the event and you've got some questions or you need help, like, pronto. Who do you get a hold of? How can you possibly pick out the person in charge amidst a sea of TRB t-shirts? We've got you covered--

TRB organizer buttons to the rescue! Just take a peek for the big, yellow button goodness and fire away with your questions, demands or explicatives! Just make sure that you aim that spittle cannon the other way when doing so and life will be good. Oh and keep on the lookout for the uber special and elusive "German" Organzier!


There will be a speakeasy theme at the late night dance on Friday at Tobacco Road Blues. Arrive at the downstairs studio and you will be treated to various finger foods and a bar where you can order mocktails and mixed virgin drinks (no alcohol is allowed in the studio). No need to set up a tab...everything is free.

Slow jazz--wonderful to dance blues to--will be played throughout the night but be sure to head upstairs around 1:00 AM when Solomon Douglas will be playing some steamy tunes on the piano.

We encourage you to participate in the theme. Not sure of how to dress? For the ladies, think flappers, feather headbands, long strands of beads, cloche hats, bobbed hair, feather boas, and Betty Boop. Men can be inspired by gangsters, fedoras, straw boaters, newsboy caps, zoot suits, white tie on a black shirt, and Al Capone. See you around midnight and don't nobody tip off the coppers.


Heads up peeps! There is little over a week left before Tobacco Road Blues kicks off and it's going to be one hell of a weekend! This also means that registration will officially close at 11:59pm on Sunday the 14th. The weekend passes are almost sold out so you might want to jump on the remaining few that are available!

Also take note: if you are planning on buying one of our super amazing glow-in-the-dark t-shirts, you have until Saturday to get it! I say this because
T-shirt orders will close on 11:59pm on Saturday the 13th. Why Saturday and not Sunday, you ask? Well that's because we've gotta have time to make 'em!

Jump on over to the Weekend Pass and T-shirt page to get yours before it's too late...


Have you checked out the Schedule and Class Description page lately? We've been updating the crap out of it! There are so many updates on it that the updates have updates! We know what you're thinking- "Crap! Which sets of classes am I going to take!!!" We know, because we're thinking it too...


No Photoshopping here! Check out the sweet *ss t-shirts ready for your glowing pleasure! This is how the Tobacco Road Blues shirts will look with a black light shining on them. We're still taking orders but not for much longer so better jump on over to the T-shirt Order Page to get 'em while you can!


We got several updates for everyone! Ready? Set! Go!

FOOD!!! We are planning on providing food for yall (sandwiches and snacks) at the latenights along with a decently sizable spread at the end of the workshop on Sunday evening- all so as to ease the burden of having to satisfy that pesky basic need that typically gets in the way of your dancing! WoooRAAGHHHH!

Our delicious DJ wizardry offerings have been updated to enchant your entire weekend! What? Sad there wasn't an explicit Potter reference in there? Ah you'll get over it once you read the lineup. Head on over to the Bands & DJ's page to end your Dumbledore blues... Ha! You see what we did there? Oh nevermind...

Last one! Here we go: Registration will be closing at precisely midnight on the 15th of September. That means that if you don't register by 11:59pm on the 14th of September, you'll have to pay the at the door pricing ($100 workshop, $15 evening dance, $10 Latenight) and will no longer be guaranteed a spot in the workshop if it sells out. So don't be a slacker, get up off that couch and take control of your life! Be an inspiration to everyone and say a resounding YES to Tobacco Road Blues registration!!!! We'll also give you lots of love and affection- YAY!


For those that are curious, we have our nearly completed event schedule and class descriptions up! Head on over to the Schedule & Class Descriptions page to see all the class offering glory!


Still wondering what this whole Shakori Hills Recess thing is that we keep talking about? You know, the thing that's going on the very next weekend after the soon to be epic Tobacco Road Blues event? Well, here's a documentary video courtesy of Justin Riley depicting the Aspen CO Recess event from July!

Aspen blues recess 2014
from Promo Video on Vimeo.


Hey all- heads up TRBs next price hike is hitting July 1st The new weekend pass rate of 90 will be effective at precisely 12:00am on July 2nd so you might want to get off the undecided fence sooner than later... Im just sayin. Mmmm-hummm.


We are ridiculously pleased to announce that The Solomon Douglas Quintet Featuring Alison Dreyfuss will be performing at Tobacco Road Blues Workshop Weekend 2014 at our Saturday night dance on September 20th! In addition Solomon is planning a one-hour solo blues piano set for our Friday late night dance. Talk about f-ing killer

And that's not all the live music we have planned for you that weekend. Local favorites Clark Stern and Chuck Cotton, who have played with blues stars like Bob Margolin, Lurrie Bell, Anson Funderburgh, and Billy Boy Arnold, will be performing at our Friday night dance.

If you haven't registered yet for Tobacco Road Blues Weekend, visit the Persional Info page and sign up now! You can get a full weekend pass for only $80 if you sign up before July 1!


It's registration day!!! Be ready at 4pm because the first 20 people will get the super awesome rate of $60 and after that, the next 30 will get it at $70! This will be a one-day-sale only (4pm today until 4pm tomorrow) so better nab them up quick because at 4 pm tomorrow, the price goes up to $80! Run on over to the Persional Info page at 4pm to start on your way to blusical bliss


Tick-tock, tick-tock! time is almost up for the start of registration! Both Tobacco Road Blues and Shakori Hills Recess will be opening up tomorrow! Hit up the Persional Info page at 4pm to start your registration. After that, take the secret promo code you'll receive in your registration confirmation to receive 20% off your registration for Shakori Hills Recess! This is going to be one hell of a week of events!


Did you like the TRB T-shirt from last year? Did you know that we are getting serious about this year's T-shirt? How serious? Well, let's just say that one of our organizers (not naming any names John Rowe!) went out and bought himself a silk screening machine just for this event! WTF?!? I know!!! Crazy. But here's a little peak at what the back will look like...

It's also going to be glow in the dark. How frakin' cool is that?!?! Hehehehehe!


Hey all- We are trying our darndest to get the TRB website all polished up and ready for y'all in preparation for our registration opening on May 1st at 4pm! Here's the skinny- there will only be two tiers available the first day! After that, the tier 3 price of $80 will be kicking in...

Weekend Pass (all dances and workshops)
Tier 1: the first 20 people will get the early-bird price of $60
Tier 2: the next 30 people will get the not as early-bird price of $70
Tier 3: open through July 1st, average bird price of $80
Tier 4: open through Sept. 10th, late bird price of $90

Dance Passes (access to all dances):
Only one price to worry about: $50

At the door
Weekend Pass (if still available): the dead bird price of $100
Dance Pass: the "I wish I registered online" price of $60

Stay sharp and don't miss out on the awesome early-bird pricing!


Guess what! No, not chicken butt. We've got Clark Stern on board for our Friday evening band! Also- we've got a special guest in for the Friday latenight and they will also be taking part in the blues band experience for Saturday as well. Sorry- we can't name any names as of yet, but we'll be updating you with the info as soon as we can. Check out the Music: Bands & DJ's Page for more info!


Phue! It's been a long month, but it's finally official- we have our instructors! Here's the all-star list:
Dan "the Sexy Beast" Repsch
Jenny "Princess Sweet-n-saucy" Sowden
Michelle "Miss Slick Chick" Richter
Timothy "Mr. Charisma" O'Neill

This is going to be a killer weekend! Mix that in with SHR the following weekend and we got one lege... en... wait for it... dary week!!

Check out the Instructor Page for more info!


The gang are all working hard to bring you guys the best experience possible for this next TRB! Looks like we are closing in on our fist band for the weekend and it's going to be a doozy. Sorry though- we can't quite let the cat out of the bag just yet, but stay "tuned"! Ha- I slay me.


Well what do you know! We're big, bad sponsors for Enter the Blues! We've put two weekend passes on the line for a lucky couple to win! Woohoo! Who know that sponsorin' could be so much fun!

Better hurry- Feb 14th isn't that far away! This is Enter the Blues last year and it sure does look to be a KILLER event!!!


We at TRB just love Dan Repsch and Jenny Sowden! We lurve them so much that we decided to welcome them back for another round as our first set of instructors! Wha-wha-WHAT? That's right- we've got 'em booked again AND we're bringin' in another set of instructors to boot! Now if only we could legally clone them... :) Check out the Instructors and Private Lessons page to see more about them!

Stay tuned folks! We'll let ya know who the second set of instructors are as soon as we know!


Did we happen to tell you that we're going to be teaming up with Justin Riley for the Shakori Hills Recess that is the very next weekend after TRB? Did ya know that we're planning a crap load of fun activities that entire week between? Did we tell you about the 20% off SHR when you register for TRB? Boom!

Check out the Shakori Hills Recess webpage at:


Hey all! Welcome back to another year of sweet blues bliss, rad workshops, awesome instructors and fantastic bands. Did we happen to mention that we're teaming up with Justin Riley to have a Recess the very next weekend? Stay tuned for more info!

TRBW 2014

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Name City
Dina Abdulhadi Durham, NC
Happi Adams Durham, NC
Jill Akiyama Carrboro, NC
Jean-Martin Albert Montréal, QC
Cory Annis , NC
Ashley Banks Swarthmore, PA
Brandie Bargeloh Six Mile, SC
Talia Barlaz South Hill, VA
Emmalee Bastarache Charlotte, NC
Mary Bauman Chapel Hill, NC
Angela Beall Asheville , NC
Samantha Belitch Knoxville, TN
Drew Bewley ,
Lindsay Blank Cary, NC
Demetrik aka "D." Booker Knoxville, Tn
Tiffany Breindel Chapel Hill, NC
Corena Bristow Greenville, North Carolina
Bill Brodie New York, NY
James Broemer morrisville, NC
Doug Brown pittsboro, NC
Gregory Burris Tallahassee, Florida
Ian Carter altoona, PA
Sophie Dal-Pra Durham, NC
Chris de Pujo Raleigh, NC
Garrett Denton Blacksburg, VA
Chris Dove Hillsborough, NC
Kat Eberhardt Troy, NY
Annie Erbsen Asheville, NC
Allen Ernst Leesburg, Virginia
Shannon Faryadi Johnson Charlotte, NC
Audrey Fowler Raleigh, North Carolina
Anne Franklin Raleigh, NC
Kerry-ann Fuller Tucson, AZ
Todd Gates Brooklyn, NY
April Goodman Cary, NC
Linnea Granquist Charleston, SC
Julia Guyton Durham, NC
Grace Haaland Chapel Hill, NC
Kathryn Hallin Pittsburgh, PA
Phillip Hartzog Durham, North Carolina
Horowitz Helene Gaithersburg, Maryland
Melissa Hinkel Raleigh, NC
Skyler Hinkel Raleigh, NC
cathy holt Pittsboro, nc
Elizabeth Houghton Raleigh, NC
mark humphrey raleigh, nc
Michelle Jenkins waynesboro, va
Angel Joel Winston-Salem, NC
Suzanne Julian Durham, NC
Simon Jung Carrboro, NC
Sarah Kusnitz Greensboro, NC
Keith Lai Alexandria, VA
Caroline Leitschuh Durham, NC
Debra LeWinter GREENSBORO, North Carolina
Kelly Loer Hampton, VA
Gavin MacInnes Durham, NC
Kyle Martin charlottesville, Va
Wes Martin Chesapeake, VA
Kylie Mason Washington, DC
Lisa McMinn Greensboro, NC
Alex Medlin Raleigh, NC
Allison Meeks Huntersville, NC
Christen Mercier Champaign, Il
Jeff Miller Virginia Beach, VA, VA
Natalie Miller Columbia, SC
Avery Moncure Blackstone, Va
Angela Moreland Virginia Beach, VA
Seth Moser-Katz Durham , NC
Jeffrey Mundinger Pittsburgh, PA
Erin Murphy Chapel Hill, NC
Charlie Myers Boone, NC
Bradley Nathanson Charlotte, North Carolina
Qui Nguyen Glen Allen, VA
Marci Novak Dallas, TX
Timothy ONeill Los Angeles, CA
Liliana Pagano Graham, NC
Andrew Pearson Durham, NC
Michael Pumphrey Penland, NC
Jermaine Quinton Baltimore , MD
Daniel Repsch ,
Ali Reznikoff Asheville, NC
Michelle Richter Oakland, CA
nicole riley raleigh, nc
Marina Rodriguez DURHAM, NC
John Rowe Cary, NC
William Russ Henrico, Va
Stacy Scholle Durham, NC
Steven Scholle Durham, NC
Ksenia Sedova Morrisville, NC
Inna Shapiro Chapel Hill, NC
Jenny Sowden New York City!, NY
Ethan Steinman Cary, NC
Lauren Svensen Charleston, SC
Samuel Sykes Durham, NC
Aliceann Talley Knoxville, TN
Sarah Taylor Raleigh , NC
Ben Thomas Cary, NC
Michael Thorne Schenectady, NY
Bevin Tighe Carrboro, NC
Victoria Trevillian Richmond, VA
Sara Van Vreede Vadnais Heights, MN
Matthew Vazquez Hillsborough, NC
Dave Warner Durham, NC
Linda Wilkes Clayton, NC
Andrew Wilson Raleigh, NC
Moriah Wood Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Caroline Yang Carrboro, NC
Anna Elyse Yarbrough Decatur, GA

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